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The National Pandemic Flu Service - "Swine Flu Hotline"

The National Pandemic Flu Service has now been established. Effectively this is the Swine Flu Hotline which was planned for the autumn, but rushed through when the number of cases of the pandemic strain of H1N1 increased by a large number.

The new service is designed to relieve pressure on the GPs and other parts of the National Health Service (NHS) by allowing diagnosis and suitable treatment to be done over the phone and Internet.

Guidance for the public is still published on the NHS Direct website:

NHS Pandemic Flu Alert Information, but the guidance is to contact the National Pandemic Flu Service except in the following circumstances.

In the above circumstances you should phone your GP directly

In other circumstances you should use either the National Pandemic Flu website or phone the National Pandemic Flu diagnosis phone-line on:
0800 1 513 100
(or Minicom 0800 1 513 200)

The official guidance is to prepare in the following ways:

Note: If you have elderly or vulnerable neighbours please check on them. They may need your help but be reluctant to ask for it. It is important you do what you can.

And to ensure good hand-washing hygiene as per the leaflets originally distributed around homes. See: Earlier blog post - Government Information on Swine Flu A(H1N1).

Further information

More information on the NHS Pandemic Flu pages

Or phone the Swine Flu Information Line on 0800 1 513 513.