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Emergency Fire and Rescue Service Challenge Day 2017

03 July 2017

Video of Fire Service car RTA rescue in Worcestershire

First Aid Manual 10th edition

11 March 2014

The First Aid Manual is the official guide from the UK leading first aid organisations: St John Ambulance, St Andrew's First Aid and the British Red Cross and is widely considered as the definitive guide to first aid in the UK. The 10th edition released in 2014, which replaces the 9th edition

Christmas message 2012

24 December 2012

As always I'm looking forward to Christmas. Hoping that Santa will leave a new camera in my stocking, but more importantly looking forward to having some time with my loving family. In keeping with the spirit of giving I also use it as a time to think of others ...

Fairsharemusic.com Download MP3 Music and support charity

12 February 2012

I first came across fairsharemusic.com some time ago, but dismissed it at the time as the downloads were all DRM Locked. DRM locks you into a specific player and can prevent you from using digital files that you purchase (why DRM in music, video and ebooks is bad for ...

Humble Bundle - Games for Linux Windows Mac OS X and Android - you name the price and help charity

11 February 2012

The Humble Bundle is a new way to buy games. Firstly this is a bundle of games all work on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and (for the first time) Android phones and tablets. Secondly there is no DRM or restrictions preventing you from getting on any playing the ...

Christmas message 2011

24 December 2011

Ever since I first started my blog back in 2005 I have created a Christmas message and made a donation to a worthwhile cause. A reminder that whilst it's great to receive at Christmas it's also a time to give; not just to give to those from whom you ...

Wooden Train Set - suitable for toddlers or minimum age 3+ ?

10 December 2011

Wooden train sets have been a popular toy with children for many years and doesn't seam to be losing popularity. Many parents will have experienced that time when trying to get on with their shopping whilst your toddler wants to play with the wooden train set on display in ...

Florence Nightingale Museum - St Thomas' Hospital in London

24 November 2011

My daughter is doing a school project on Florence Nightingale so we decided to visit the Florence Nightingale Museum in London. The museum is on the site of St Thomas' Hospital where she founded a nurse training school. We had visited the museum before, but that was several years ...

Recipe - Yorkshire Parkin (Cake for Bonfire Night made with Black Treacle)

04 November 2011

Parkin is a traditional Yorkshire cake that is often eaten around Bonfire Night. With the help of my six year old daughter I've made some for this year and it is delicious. Here's the recipe for anyone that would like to make your own.

Learning everyday first aid online with the Red Cross

24 September 2011

The Red Cross have created a new web based introduction to first aid. It's called everyday first aid and as you can probably guess is designed for teaching some first aid that may be needed as part of your normal daily life, ranging from dealing with a sprain to ...

New advisory 20mph speed limit at Redditch schools
Charity fundraising - employees vs. volunteers
First Aid Quiz - practice test now updated based on Revised 9th Edition first aid manual
First Aid Manual - 9th Edition Revised - with new resuscitation protocols
Android and iPhone apps for NHS Direct
Free Ebooks for Amazon Kindle and other ebook readers
New website - days out diary
New version of First Aid and Emergency Services Photo Gallery
New Year 2011 - Website review
Children have had a letter from Santa (from the NSPCC)
Chain-socials - harmless fun or annoying distraction
Remembrance Day - explaining it to a young child
Firework Safety - Attending public events or private parties
Worried about a child? NSPCC Helpline
Travelling in Europe - renew your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)
Evesham Fire Station Open Day 2010
First aid awareness for children - a guide for parents
First Aid Awareness Week - 28 June to 2 July 2010
Birmingham Accident and Emergency is now at the QE
Heart Matters - Free service from the British Heart Foundation
New Facebook comments feature on Watkissonline, First Aid Quiz and PenguinTutor blogs
Thousands of lives could be saved by learning first aid
Guide to staying safe when creating electronic projects and DIY
Change in copyright rules for First Aid Quiz website
Baby sign-language updated
Software Review: Mozilla Firefox Web Browser 3.6
Book Review: Health and Safety Pocket Book
Text to NATO Phonetic Alphabet Translation tool - radio communications training
Happy New Year 2010
Book Review: Health & Safety at Work - An essential guide for managers
Beware of low cost hosting - unlimited bandwidth
Good feeling - Gone : Fire Safety at Christmas
Finally reached the end of my 6 month diet
New improved Photo Gallery on Firstaidquiz.com
Christmas Fairs and Markets - Redditch, Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Birmingham
New beginner first aid quiz
Daily Calorie intake too low - Is this irresponsible programming from the BBC?
HSE Health and Safety Guides - now available online
Firstaidquiz.com website outage
Blog title - Monkeys, megabytes, medical and more ...
Wii Dance Hotest Party Hits 2 (compare with Dancing Stage for the PS-One and Wii Fit).
New Advanced First Aid Quiz on Firstaidquiz.com
Dieting - coming off the Alli weight-loss tablets
New Workplace First Aid regulations come into force today
Food review - Low fat food good for a diet
Myth: Cough CPR or How to survive a heart attack when alone
Worcestershire speed cameras installed before an accident occurs - Good or bad?
How to avoid the Alli oops (is it just a scare story?)
Lack of healthy food choices at Woodall Welcome Break Service Station
Alli - buying Alli weight loss pills from an online pharmacy
Blog comments - spam vs. other comments
What's your BMI?
Emergency Services Day at Evesham fire station 2009
Emergency services photo gallery at First Aid Quiz
Dusting off my dancing shoes
The National Pandemic Flu Service - "Swine Flu Hotline"
Diet week 6 - Dieting on holiday
Diet week 5 - Eating out on the alli diet
Diet week 4 - Wii Fit for weight-loss and getting fit
Firefox 3.5 publicity - Shiretokoshock and social networking
Firefox 3.5 is here - Faster, Safer, More Fun web browsing
Diet week 3 - Useful tools and websites to help with the alli diet
First Aid Quiz - website refresh
New First Aid at Work (FAW) courses start in October 2009
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Can't eat money
Diet week 1 - A little help from alli weight-loss pills
Treatment of Sunburn
Update on Beoley pedestrian crossing - road safety review
Book review: First Aid Manual 9th Edition
Firefox with Personas - Web browser with style - create your own (First Aid Quiz)
Linux pre-installed, Windows XP, Windows 7 and netbooks
Government Information on Swine Flu A(H1N1)
Free home fire safety check, free smoke detector, free long-life smoke alarm battery
Request to make Beoley pedestrian crossing safer
Will lowering the speed limit save lives?
Sleep Simple: Five steps to reduce the risk of Cot death
Reckless drivers endager children's lives at zebra crossing
Waterless cooking cookware set - "Free" Dinner from Saladmaster
MP3 Downloads - Is this the end of DRM on Music?
Happy New Year - 2009
Christmas message 2008
Upgrade of wordpress blog engine to version 2.7
Updates to Quizzes on FirstAidQuiz.com and PenguinTutor.com
2 Minute Video that could save a life - British Heart Foundation
New game on First Aid Quiz - First Aid Hangman
New game for First Aid Quiz.com - almost here
First Aid Quiz - new page on Facebook
New game coming soon to www.firstaidquiz.com
Wordpress blog now upgraded
St John Ambulance uniform review
Hands only CPR - American Heart Association vs. UK Resuscitation Council
New game for FirstAidQuiz.com - under construction
New email form on watkissonline.co.uk
First Aid Quiz.com coming soon to Taecanet
Warwickshire St John Ambulance show - Flashback 2008
St John Ambulance - Save a Life Series (email and web)
Become a Bone Marrow donor volunteer
Christmas Charity 2007 - Tommy's Baby Charity and Wikipedia
Recent activities - Linux Ubuntu 7.10, Virgin Media cabling, Ethernet over Powerline, Windows Vista Notworking (or do I mean networking?)
Alcohol tax rise - would it cut excessive drinking?
Breast Cancer Awareness Month - October 2007
Ambulance, FA Cup, Italian Job, The Blitz and a Time Machine
First Aider Insurance - Free from St John Ambulance
20 mph speed limit - protecting children outside schools?
Joining The British Bone Marrow Registry - during blood donor session
Responding to the floods - Leamington Rescue Centre
First Aid - Dealing with the aftermath
Managing risk in children's play
British Heart Foundation - Help a Heart Campaign
First Aid Manual - 9th Edition is in the initial stages
Website now fully migrated
Planned Website Maintanance 22 May 2007
Learning first aid has never been so much fun
First Aid Training - Don't leave it until you need it!
St John Ambulance - First Aid. Don't leave it 'til you need it
Save a Baby Month, May 2007
British Heart Foundation - Get your 30 minutes any way
Recycle Ink Catridges - Send a Cow
A new look for St John Ambulance
Play Monday Lottery - Live on TV
Children First for Health - NHS website
NHS Web Site on Hepititis C
NSPCC Campaign - Noel Edmonds - Caring for Children in Court Appeal
Clinical Knowledge Summaries - The new name for NHS Prodigy
PlayMonday Lottery site is under new owners
New US and UK Online Book and Equipment Shops on First Aid Quiz and Penguin Tutor
Baby Sign Language - Makaton and British Sign Language
First Aid Quiz, St. John Ambulance News and The pitfalls of web capturing
Theft of Satellite Navigation from Ambulances
New Superbug Research Centre for Nottingham (research into MRSA and similar)
Happy New Year - 2007
Life Saving Attempt in Coventry by St. John Ambulance Members
First Aid - Preperation in case of an emergency
Web Site Cracked
Give a present to a complete stranger this Christmas
Online Privacy and clearing your web browser history and cache - NSPCC
Death by Dangerous Driving
DVD Review: Life. Live it. - First Aid DVD from the British Red Cross
Be The Full Stop - NSPCC Campaign and Map of Supporters
Stop It Now! - Child Sexual Abuse
Review DVD Players - Toshiba Voyager and Philips
Short distance broadcast to be legal in the UK - e.g. Tunecast
20 Things about Nursing
Doubt Kills - Dial 999 for a Heart Attack
First Aider comes to aid of scalded baby
Remembrance Sunday
New Improved News on First Aid Quiz web site
Baby Lifeline - The Mother and Baby Charity is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary
New St. John Ambulance First Aid and Health & Safety Training Brochure
Volunteering and Fear of Litigation
Halloween First Aid
L.I.F.E. St. John Ambulance Variety Show 2006
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Free Entry to the Olympic Games - Volunteer with a local group
How well is your local NHS trust doing?
New Radio Communications test on First Aid Quiz .com
Updated Version of wQuiz, the web based Quiz Engine
Making an emergency telephone call in the UK - 999 or 112
Book Review: The First Aid Manual, including the Emergency First Aid Manual
Free One Million Pound Lottery from PlayMonday.com
HSE gives Basic Advice on First Aid at Work
New Amazon Associates Online Stores - Buy Books and other items online
WQuiz has a project page on the Google Code Site
Humour: Medical Terminology
First Aid Quiz Web Site is now on a hosted server
NHS gone mad - Hospital Fined for Cutting Waiting List
First Aid Quiz Web Site Updated to coincide with the launch of the new First Aid Manual
Coventry Power Cut - Web Site Outage
First Aid Quiz web site, now on updated perl quiz engine
Perl: Safely handling and showing European Characters on a html page
Competition for the National Lottery (Lotto), Monday The Charities Lottery has been launched
Trip to London with a Baby - Part 2 - St. John's Gate Museum and Priory tours, London Tourist Attraction
New First Aid Guidelines - First Aid Quiz
Coventry NHS Walk-in Centre
Server Outage - Watkissonline.co.uk and First Aid Quiz
IT Security: Another DOS attack attempt
iFirstAid - First Aid Anytime, Anywhere
First Aid Quiz Update: Removing Tables and W3C Compliance
Making Emergency Calls on the Underground is not possible - 112 vs 999
ICE - In Case of Emergency
Cyber Vandals
Misc Review: First Aid Backpacks

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