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First Aid Information and Training

The First Aid Quiz recommends that everyone should attend a hands on training course to learn the life saving skill of First Aid.

The following links are all for organisations which direct support First Aid charities within the UK. By using these for your training and first aid supplies you know that you are supporting first aid cover and training in the community.

This site is not approved or endorsed by any of the organisations listed.

First Aid Advice / Information

St John Ambulance provides some good advice on First Aid on the First Aid Information Pages. This includes iFIRSTAID featuring first aid advice as MP3 / AAC / Real Audio files that can be downloaded. They've also made some useful YouTube Videos explaining some of the basics of first aid for children.

Book review of the First Aid Manual 9th Edition.
The HSE produce a leaflet with some useful first aid advice for first aid in the workplace.

Radio Communications

First Aid Training

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First Aid Supplies


Becoming a member of a volunteer First Aid organisation is a great way to learn first aid and to keep your skills up to date. Why not volunteer with your local St John Ambulance?


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