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Handheld radio

Radio Communications

Some tools and information for use with radio communications.

Add some professionalism to your radio communications using the NATO phonetic alphabet to ensure clarity of communication. This is the phonetic alphabet used by the UK ambulance trusts, police and security companies. A great skill to add to your CV if looking for a job which uses radios or working in a call-centre.

Phonetic Alphabet Translation Service

Use this to convert text to and from the phonetic alphabet. Use it for radio communications, to wow your friends or start a phonetic alphabet conversation on twitter or facebook.

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Plain text:

Phonetic text:

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How to Use

To convert from text to phonetic enter your text in the top box (or copy and paste) and click "Convert to Phonetic". To convert from phonetic to text enter your text in the bottom box (or copy and paste) and click "Convert from Phonetic".

When entering plain text the following applies.

  • Case is ingored. All phonetic words have an initial capital letter
  • Spaces become space hyphen space (ie. " - ")
  • Hypens will be treated the same as spaces
  • Gramma / numbers / punctuation will be copied as is, but with spaces around each character

When entering text in Phonetic the following applies:

  • NATO Phonetic alphabet only
  • Each phonetic word must be followed by a space.
  • To add a space enter a hyphen with a space before and after ie. " - "
  • Any punctuation must have a space before and after it eg. "Alpha . Bravo"
  • Case is ignored (it will be converted to capitals when converted to plain text)
  • Anything not recognised will be put in plain text as-is

Use your new found skills to impress your friends on Call of Duty, or use it to help when spelling a word out over the telephone.


Becoming a member of a volunteer First Aid organisation is a great way to learn first aid and to keep your skills up to date. Why not volunteer with your local St John Ambulance?


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